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Six Good Reasons For Online Drills!

Dr. Aardsma's Drills are now instantly available to you in a new online (i.e., web-based) version via the Internet. Using the same browser you are now reading this page with, your student can go to our website, log in with their secure password, and start their daily drill! Simple, yes? And the advantages of online to you and your student are pretty significant.

1. You get the latest version, instantly.

Unlike CD software or downloads, changes are made directly to our website. No more purchasing upgrades. The latest version of Dr. Aardsma's Drills is always available every time your student uses the drills.

2. You get hassle-free use.

Unlike downloaded software or CD's, online drills have no installation issues of any kind! You simply log onto our website, just like you do for your banking or collecting your monthly credit card statements. As long as you can connect to the Internet your student can do their drills hassle free, regardless of whether yours is a PC, a Mac, or a Linux computer.

3. You get daily e-mail reporting.

E-mail reports are sent directly to the teacher so you can view your student's grades and progress. You'll even be informed if the student did not do the drill. No more nagging! The e-mailed report does the checking for you.

4. You get automatic back-ups.

Our website automatically backs up your student's logs. No panic attacks if you have a computer crash or get a nasty virus! We back up your student's data, so you don't have to worry about it.

5. You get access anywhere.

Students can do their drills from hotel rooms, at Grandma's house, or right at your own kitchen table. Even while vacationing your student can keep up with his school work! Anywhere in the world --- wherever you have access to the Internet. The drills are just a click away!

6. You save time.

As a busy parent, you don't need to waste your limited time wrestling with installations, upgrades, downloads, delayed shipping, computer crashes, scratched CDs, and the like. Online lets you use your time more productively!


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