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Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts are available for anyone wishing to purchase from 4 to 60 drill registrations at one time. If you have a school, homeschool group or even just several students in your family, you can greatly reduce the price of the individual drills by purchasing Dr. Aardsma's Drills in quantity.

Any combination of math or spelling drills can be used to make up the total number of drills you wish to purchase using the quantity discount. For example, if you have two students and wish to purchase a math and a spelling drill for each of them, you would use the Quantity Discount for 4 registrations (2 math drills plus 2 spelling drills).

Select the number of drill registrations you would like to purchase from the drop-down list below, then click the "Buy Now" button. A Quantity Discount Code (QDC) will be e-mailed to you following successful payment.

Once you have your QDC it is easy to register your students for the drill(s) of your choice. Simply follow the normal registration procedure beginning on the home page. When you get to the payment screen, enter your QDC in the field provided for that purpose and click the "Submit" button.

Your QDC will last two years and one month (twenty-five months) from date of purchase or until you have used up its number of registrations, whichever comes first. Drill registrations purchased using your QDC will last one full year from the drill registration date, as normal.

[TIP: If you need a number of drill registrations not included in the table (for example, 28 registrations) you can purchase the next larger number of registrations (30 registrations in this example) and use the remaining 2 registrations the following year. That's why QDCs last for more than just one year.]

If you are a member of a school or homeschool group or you can get a group of Dr. Aardsma's Drills users together in any other way, we have a Group Reseller Program in which you or your organization can make a profit by reselling Dr. Aardsma's Drills to others in your group. Check out the details by clicking the "Group Reseller Program" link at left.

(Note: In the drop-down price list, per drill prices are provided for convenience of comparison only and are rounded to the nearest cent; the total amount shown is the actual price.)

Use Your Credit Card or PayPal Account    

Clicking on the "Buy Now" button below will take you to PayPal.com where you may pay using a credit card (no PayPal account necessary) or using your PayPal account.

drill registrations

Your Quantity Discount Code (and instructions for using it) will be e-mailed from DrAardsmasDrills.com to you immediately following successful payment.

Privacy and Security: Your credit card number and/or your PayPal account number are known to PayPal only.

Customer Assistance: If you experience any difficulty with your purchase we are available to help. You can reach us by using the "Contact Us" link in the navigation bar at left.


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