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Group Reseller Program

You can make a small profit for yourself or your group by reselling
Dr. Aardsma's Drills to members of your school or homeschool group.

The basic idea is simple. Dr. Aardsma's Drills offers great group discounts. (Read about our "Quantity Discounts" by clicking the link at left.) By getting a group of Dr. Aardsma's Drills users together you can purchase drills in quantity at a discount and resell to your group members at a profit.

Are there minimum purchase requirements?

Our Group Reseller Program allows you to purchase quantity discounts anywhere from 4 drill registrations up to 60 drill registrations.

How do I go about reselling Dr. Aardsma's Drills?

If you are part of a school or homeschool group, you contact members in your group, letting them know what Dr. Aardsma's Drills is all about, and see if they are interested in getting a discount price. You could advertise in your school or group newsletter, give out handouts, send e-mails to your group list, etc. Each school or group is different, and you will know best how to get the word out.

Anyone you know can be a part of your group --- neighbors, friends, church groups, relatives... They do not need to belong to your school or homeschool group.

Most schools or groups wish to start Dr. Aardsma's Drills coinciding with the school year, anytime between early August to early October. Early in the Spring you could begin to get the word out and ask folks to sign up and make their payments to you by a deadline you determine.

You will need to collect information from your buyers so you can register the students in your group for their drills: e-mail address, what subjects and grade levels they wish to purchase, student name and password. For example, "djones@dickjonesltd.com, Math 3, Brea Jones, password123." Once you have your list of buyers and have received their payments, you make your purchase by clicking on the "Quantity Discounts" link at left.

How do I know what price to sell the drills for?

Ask yourself how many students you think you can resell to. For example, you might think that between the students in your school or group and friends, relatives etc. you could easily sell thirty drill registrations. (Don't forget that one student can buy both a math and a spelling drill making two registrations.) Thirty drill registrations will cost you $7.14 each.

To determine what price you will sell Dr. Aardsma's Drills for, keep it mind that a single drill registration normally retails for $16.95 through Dr. Aardsma's Drills web site, even though you may end up paying as little as $5.14 per drill. You may sell the drills for whatever profit margin you wish, but set a price that will attract buyers and save them money while returning a profit to you for the time you will spend getting the group together and registering the students in your group.

How do I purchase the drills in quantity?

See the "Quantity Discounts" link at left.

How can I maximize my or my group's profits?

The best way to maximize profits is to purchase drill registrations in blocks of 60 if possible, to get the lowest possible per drill price of $5.14. Since a Quantity Discount Code (QDC) lasts two years and one month (twenty-five months) from date of purchase, it is possible with even modest-sized groups to purchase in blocks of 60 drills by planning to use the QDC at the start of each school year for three years running.

If you purchase a QDC for 60 drill registrations, and resell each drill registration for $9.95, your profit will be $288.60. Since each drill registration retails for $16.95, each group member will save $7.00 per drill registration, and your group members collectively will save $420.00! A great deal all around!

What if I can't resell all the drills I buy?

It is best to get your group together and collect payments from them before making your QDC purchase. If you plan to use the same QDC for two or three years, to get the best discount, collect from your group members for the two or three years up front.

If you have any unsold drill registrations by the end of 25 months, you will lose whatever you paid per drill registration times the number you have remaining.

What else is required as a reseller?

You will need to keep a list of all the students' names, passwords, subjects and grade levels. Computer spreadsheets work well for this. Once you have purchased your QDC, you are then ready to register the students in your group. You register each student in turn, following the directions you were given when you purchased the QDC. This involves selecting the subject (Math or Spelling) and the grade level for the student, typing in the student name and password, as well as the e-mail address the student's reports should be sent to. (Parents will be able to change any of this information at a later date, if they wish, using the utilities provided in the links at left.)

Once all of your students are signed up, you contact your group members and let them know how to get started.

If any group members have any questions regarding the drills, they may wish to contact you first, as group leader and defacto local expert on Dr. Aardsma's Drills. We are a quick e-mail away (use the "Contact Us" link at left) if you get stumped. Our Customer Service usually answers e-mails within hours.

That's it! An easy way to earn a little extra for yourself or your group and save money for everyone involved!


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