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Choose the Spelling Drill Level Best Suited to Your Student

There are eight levels to choose from, roughly correlated with the student's grade level.

If you are in doubt about which of two levels to choose, select the lower level. Spelling 1 tends to have short words, like "cat" and "bark". Spelling 6 is characterized by much longer and more difficult words, like "procrastinate" and "obstreperous". Because the goal in Spelling is to expose the student to a large number of words, no time is spent reviewing lower grade level words for Spelling 2 through Spelling 6. If the student is assigned too high a level, they will likely flounder and have a miserable time of it all year.

Spelling 7 and Spelling 8 are different. They mix together words from all grade levels, and are suitable for students from grade 7 through college. But even here, if in doubt, choose the lower grade level.

LevelWords per DrillWords in LevelCost per YearFree DemoRegister Student for Drill
15 to 9877$16.95
210 to 14986$16.95
315 to 191766$16.95
420 to 241791$16.95
525 to 291361$16.95
630 to 341123$16.95
735 to 393752$16.95
840 to 454152$16.95


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